How Runners Can avoid as well as protect Themselves against Attacks – Podcast 94

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Today I’m speaking with a self defense professional about exactly how to stay risk-free while we’re running, jogging or walking outdoors. After a runner in Iowa was attacked just recently I got a great deal of messages asking for runner security tips. So please listen to this episode as well as share it with your people – running buddies, mom, co-worker who takes walks during lunch. Let’s begin a conversation about safety. You’re going to discover a great deal today! as well as if you’re running best now I’ll have information in the show notes so you can pay interest to your surroundings very first as well as evaluation the suggestions later (while you stretch maybe).

Stay risk-free available as well as have a fantastic run!  

Ny här? I’m Monica – developer of Run eat Repeat a healthy living blog I started to share my marathon training plan as well as diet plan journey. I just wished to run ONE marathon however before I understood it – liked running, eating as well as sharing my life online!

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Podcast warm Up:

Ran the Lexus lace Up half Marathon in Irvine this weekend. inspect out my lace Up Irvine half Marathon Race recap here.

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Runner security suggestions with Self defense Expert

Today I’m speaking to Gloria Marcott – she’s the owner as well as trainer for spirit Punch Self Defense.  She has over 20 years of experience mentor self defense classes as well as seminars – having trained over 10,000 women. She’s likewise an active legislation enforcement officer, mother as well as spirit motivator. She has a ton of fantastic suggestions on exactly how to avoid an attack, what to be conscious of as well as exactly how to respond if you discover yourself in an hazardous situation.

Recently this topic has been around social network since Mollie Tibbetts – a runner in Iowa was killed while out on a run by herself. A great deal of people were publishing utilizing the hashtag #MilesforMollie to bring understanding to her death as well as link with others. It’s a method to show support as well as remind us to be mindful of our safety.

I already had this phone call arranged before the disaster as well as am additional grateful for this information now as well as I hope it assists us feel empowered as well as much better informed on exactly how to stay risk-free out there. I’m putting a publish on Instagram today with a inspect in – exactly how would you grade yourself on your security practices? Varför? Chime in as well as label your friends!

For much more suggestions as well as information:

Reach out to Gloria Marcott on social network or on her site as well as show some appreciation for her time on the show! as well as if you’re in the area inspect out one of her self defense training classes.

For much more info on spirit Punch Self Defense, tips, classes as well as the defense gadget inspect out…

Soul Punch Self defense website

Soul Punch Self defense Facebook

Soul Punch Self defense Instagram


I get lazy with finest methods for security after a while.  When a disaster occurs I’m great about it for a bit then it falls by the wayside. So I believe we ought to all inspect in with our present security habits. 

I’m putting a publish on Instagram today with a inspect in >>> 

How would you grade yourself on your security methods 1 out of 5 ? Varför? Chime in as well as label your friends!

Tips to avoid as well as protect yourself against Attacks while running, cycling, walking outdoors:

1. Situational Awareness  – are you conscious of who is around you? One ear phone in. Head on a swivel?

2. understand your boundaries  – do you understand your physical boundaries? exactly how would you respond if somebody crossed them?

3. Pre-attack indicators… what do you look for when somebody is going to assault you.  do you understand pre-attack indicators?

4. Physical Skill. understand your physical skill – your violence of action has to be higher than the violence of action against you.  Do you have self defense training?

5. Self defense tool. defense Alert gadget – armed forces grade pepper spray, effect tool, bHöger ljus samt GPS -innovation för att signalera om hjälp. Har du ett självförsvarsverktyg?


Kolla in med dina nuvarande säkerhetspraxis samt dela i anteckningarna eller på dagens körning Eat Repeat Instagram Post

Gå med vart och ett av de 5 förslagen och tro på vad du gör bäst och vad du kräver att vara mycket mer medveten om när det gäller att köra riskfria och smarta.

Om du har ett problem eller ett ämne vill du att jag ska täcka – låt mig veta!

E -post eller telefonsamtal RER -röstmeddelandet på 562 888 1644 – såväl namn som fråga. Försök att hålla det till under 90 sekunder men blir särskilt om du vill.

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Tack! Håll dig riskfri tillgänglig och har en fantastisk körning!

Jag är extremt enorm på att dela förslag såväl som verktyg för att hålla dig riskfri-jag gjorde en löpare säkerhetsvecka för en stund tillbaka med en hel del förslag och påminnelser. I vissa fall är det information som vi redan förstår – men har blivit lat om att öva. Kontrollera ut shownoterna för dessa inlägg!

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